Architectural Concrete


Concrete is one of the most common building components in the world due to its structural capabilities. We at Contex also realize the aesthetic benefits that properly placed architectural concrete brings. We are experienced in the process of creating beautiful, practical and permanent works of art using concrete. Since this concrete is meant to be exposed and appreciated, there is a greater level of difficulty in producing a finished concrete product. Through our skillful use of special forms, techniques and/or aggregates the concrete assumes the desired finish or effect. Our considerable knowledge and expertise in the field of architectural concrete construction allows a designer to be restricted only by his or her own imagination.


Conventional Concrete


The foundation of every building begins with the concrete structure or shell. Our concrete and structural construction specialists are the top in the field and are consistently working towards improving and enhancing each structure. Our complete range of structural concrete services provides a variety of solutions and is custom-tailored to fit the needs of each client. We’re committed to offering the highest quality at the best price and with the most efficiency.

Post Tension Concrete


We at Contex Construction recognize numerous benefits of post-tension building construction, which include thinner slabs, longer clear spans, fewer beams and more slender dramatic elements. Fewer beams mean you can provide the same floor to floor height as a conventional building but with a lower overall building height. This translates into considerable savings in both labor and material. Post tension also offers a wide array of design options which are not possible with other construction methods. Contex Construction experts are experienced and knowledgeable in all manner of post tensioning construction and are continually involved in utilizing this method to build counterfeited and structurally sound buildings.



Shotcrete is often the best alternative when repair and restoration are being contemplated and can be the ideal application method for both reinforced and nonreinforced construction.

The shotcrete professional must be able to integrate new materials with in-place construction to form a composite that will stand up to exposure and use. As important as the materials is the coordination of effort from a properly qualified contractor, materials supplier, engineer, and architect. When all of these pieces are in place, the exceptional benefits of the shotcrete process are realized.

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